Saturday, February 1, 2014

Akshay fans are going crazy for Akshay Kumar's upcoming movie HOLIDAY.

Holiday is Akshay Kumar's next realease which is expected to release on 6th June 2014. Holiday is directed by A R Murugadoss, it features Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha in lead roles. Greg Powell[stunt director of hollywood movie  Sky Fall] is working as an stunt director in Holiday. Akshay's last few films failed at boxoffice and main reason of those was that the gap between his movies was too short. So to maintain good gap between his movies Akshay has postponed Holiday to 6th June which was earlier set to release in January 2014.
But Akshay fans are eagerly waiting for the movie so that even a first look is not out yet but they have started making different trends on twitter every day. Starting with HolidayFirstLook and then they trended it as most awaited movie and recently Akshay fans made trend with  #HOLIDAYfirstLookPlease thats all says about the craze for the movie.Akshay fans have habit of watching their favorite star on big screen in every 3 months but this big gap of almost 9 months between Boss and Holiday is turning out to be too much to digest.
                                                             A still from Holiday

Akshay has two movies in 2014 to release, Holiday and Its Entertainment. Akshay has very good lineup after these movies also with films like Gabbar[Ramana Remake], Jai Hind and Namste London 2.But as of now its Holiday which is generating most excitement among fans. Akshay is going through bad phase so success of Holiday is very crucial for him and now it is to be seen whether it can pull audiences into the theater or not?? well according to us it is definitely going to work at boxoffice as there is perfect release date[in june since last 4 years every film which released turned out to be a blockbuster i.e. Rajneeti,Ready,Rowdy Rathore and Yeh Jawa hai Deewani] means release date is favourable, good gap between movies of Akshay and a remake of asuccessful movie.
Meanwhile Akshay is surprised with the response and he has posted on social networking site :
"I really appreciate all your enthusiasm but as you know the film will release on June 6, it's too early to reveal the first look, so hang in there, it'll be out before you know it."

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